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Mission of the DCPA Student Committee
DC Psychological Association Student Committee is dedicated to enhancing the professional development of graduate students by providing opportunities in advocacy, leadership, networking, research, and training within the DCPA. 

The student committee will serve the following functions:

  • Provide a formal communication network between psychology/behavioral health professionals. and graduate students in the DC area.
  • Facilitate professional development in the field of psychology and specialty areas.
  • Develop a training resource databank.
  • Provide students with a forum to voice training needs and goals for DCPA.
  • Allow students the opportunity to present their research locally.
  • Foster student leadership within the DCPA.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to advocate on Capitol Hill.


The aforementioned functions shall be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Promoting DCPA continuing education workshops, conferences and other professional development events (i.e. poster presentations and social hours);
  • Establishing a mentoring program for current DCPA student members that will connect students with psychology professionals with the same interests and training background;
  • Maintaining  a ‘Student Resource’ page on the DCPA website to include direct links to various professional websites and resources (i.e. APA, APAGS), a compiled list of externship/internship sites, and other training opportunities;
  • Maintaining a DCPA Student LinkedIn page and a listserv to disseminate relevant professional development activities and resources available to DC area graduate students;  the LinkedIn page will also serve as an online forum for students to voice training concerns and goals;
  • Fostering student leadership through service as campus liaisons between local graduate psychology programs and the DCPA.

Ask not what your organization can do for you, rather, what you can do for your organization, an inspirational leader once sort of said. What? That's not enough for you? Okay, here is what the organization can do for you:

Join now, student membership is only $10. What exactly are you waiting for? Questions? Email us at sadesoares.dcpa@gmail.com

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