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Professional Development Oversight Committee

Chair, Suzan Stafford, Ed.D.

The purpose of the Continuing Education and Professional Development Committee of DCPA is the provision of on-going training programs designed to promote professional development, clinical training, and ethical consultation. Chair: Suzan Stafford, Ed.D. She can be reached at suzanms@verizon.net.

 Goal: To establish a supportive intellectual community that serves to enhance both the personal and professional growth of the mental health community in a vibrant and collaborative environment.

Commitee Members:

Suzan Stafford (Chair), suzanms@verizon.net

Jean Gearon, jean.gearon@verizon.net

Oksana Vladi, oksanavladi@aol.com

Mallory Starr, mstarr703@comcast.net

David Freeman, Dfreeman@ccdc1.com

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