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DCPA Ethics Committee

Social Justice Sub-committee

Chair, Doug Favero, Ph.D. 

The DCPA Ethics Committee is available to answer ethical questions for DC psychologists. 

The basic purpose of the DCPA Ethics Committee is to support and uphold ethical sensitivity and practice among members of the District of Columbia Psychological Association. We serve primarily as an educative and consultative body to our membership, the DCPA Board of Directors and, as appropriate, to the public. We are not an investigative or punitive body. To achieve our goal of providing education, consultation, and support, the committee provides seminars, consultation groups, and individual consultation.  For more information contact Doug Favero at robertfavero@aol.com.

The social action arm of the Ethics Committee held its first meeting on 11/15/13.  The members and friends of the sub-committee help interested DCPA members forge a deeper involvement with social justice needs and advocates in our D.C. community. Sub-committee members see this kind of involvement as a commitment to ethics in the broadest sense. For further information contact Co-Chairs Sheena Wadhawan at sheenawadhawan@gmail.com and Doug Favero at robertfavero@aol.com.


Procedures for Individual Ethical Consultation 

Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct


Ethics Committee Members:

Douglas R. Favero, Ph.D. (Chair): robertfavero@aol.com

Stephen J. Lally, Ph.D.: slally@argosy.edu

Marilyn Schwartz, Ph.D: drmarilynschwartz@gmail.com

Stephen Stein, Ph.D.:s613s@aol.com

Suzan Stafford, Ed.D.: suzanms@verizon.net

Jeanette Witter, Ph.D.: jeanette.witter@usuhs.edu

Jean Gearon, Ph.D.: jean.gearon@verizon.net

Giselle Hass, Psy.D: giselle.hass@gmail.com

Jade Wood, M.A.: jadewood@aol.com

Ron Simpson, M.A.: rws2480@ego.thechicagoschool.edu

David Freeman, Psy.D: dfreeman@ccdc.1.org

Social Justice Subcommittee (add to names on left):

Sheena Wadhawan, Esq. (Co-Chair): sheenawadhawan@gmail.com 

Noah Collins, Ph.D.: nmc2001@umd.edu 

William Harman, Ph.D.: williamfharman@verion.net

Oksana Vladi, MSW: oksanavladi@aol.com

Michelle Vecchio, MSW: mmvecchio65@gmail.com 

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