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Division Mission Statements

Mission Statement of The Diversity and Cultural Competency Committee

We are delighted to announce the formation of a new Committee of the DCPA: the Diversity and Cultural Competency Committee (DCCC).  The objectives of the Committee are to advance understanding of the impact that differences in cultural and linguistic background between practitioners and patients can have on the therapeutic relationship; to provide educational and professional opportunities to explore ways of addressing and ameliorating this impact; and, to help foster an environment in which intercultural dialogue, cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity play a strengthening role in the life of the DC psychological community. 

Chair: Samira Paul, B.Sc. She can be reached at samira.f.paul@gmail.com.

Mission Statement for Professional Development Oversight Committee

The purpose of the Professional Development Committee of DCPA is to oversee on-going training and newly developed programs designed to promote professional development, clinical training, and ethical consultation. 

Goal: To establish a supportive intellectual community that serves to enhance both the personal and professional growth of the mental health community in a vibrant and collaborative environment.

Chair: Suzan Stafford, Ed.D.. She can be reached at suzanms@verizon.net.

Mission Statement of Ethics Committee / Social Justice Committee

The purpose of the DCPA Ethics Committee is to support and uphold ethical sensitivity and practice among members of the District of Columbia Psychological Association. It serves primarily as an educative and consultative body to the membership, the DCPA Board and, as appropriate, to the public. It is not an investigative or punitive body. 

·Goal: To provide education, consultation, and support, through seminars, consultation groups, colleague assistance programs and individual consultation.  

Chair: Doug Favero, Ph.D. He can be reached at robertfavero@aol.com

Mission of the Student Committee

DC Psychological Association Student Committee is dedicated to enhancing the professional development of graduate students by providing opportunities in advocacy, leadership, networking, mentoring, research, and training within the DCPA. 

Chair: Alix Mansbach, M.Psy. She can be reached at dcpa.students@gmail.com.


Mission Statement for Legislative Advocacy Committee

The Federal Advocacy Committee of DCPA engages in legislative advocacy on behalf of DCPA members and the profession of psychology at large. The committee is also interested in advocating on behalf of individuals who are the recipients of psychological services in the District of Columbia. The committee represents all sub-fields of psychology equally in its legislative and advocacy efforts. 

Chair: Giselle Hass, PsyD. She can be reached at giselle.hass@gmail.com.


Mission Statement for the Early Career Psychologists Committee of DCPA

The ECP Committee of DCPA is a newly formed committee of the DCPA directed towards engaging Early Career Psychologists (defined as within 10 years of graduation from doctoral program). We plan to provide on-going training programs aimed at the needs of ECP’s, increase resources available to ECP’s (e.g., Facebook, web presence, listserv), and establish ongoing outreach events aimed at the networking needs of ECP’s (e.g., happy hours). It is our goal to create a community for ECP’s that can allow for greater involvement in the mental health community as a whole as well as enhance the personal and professional growth. 

Chair: Victoria Sylos-Labini Psy.D., who can be reached at vsyloslabini@gmail.com .


Mission Statement of the Life Enhancement Committee of DCPA

This Committee will employ the application of psychological principles and practices to promote personal and professional wellbeing. To achieve this objective, DCPA will provide multi-disciplinary colleague assistance groups (Each group reflecting the specific needs of the participants), Life enrichment programs and health and fitness seminars. The committee’s goal is to promote life enhancement by providing heightened awareness, emotional regulation, stress reduction, and an increase in focus and vitality within a healing and nonjudgmental community. 

Co-Chairs: Stephen Stein, Ph.D who can be reached at s613s@aol.com  and Michele Vecchio, MSW who can be reached at mmvecchio65@gmail.com.


Mission Statement of the Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Psychology

The purpose of this committee is to bring together individuals and resources from the academic, clinical and public sectors to advance the integration of psychological science and clinical practice. This will be accomplished through a speaker series to disseminate recent and relevant research, workshops on current topics in psychological science and behavioral medicine, and educational opportunities for clinicians, teachers and scientists working in practice, government and academia. This committee will also advise the board and membership of DCPA on scientific and research-related issues that affect psychology. 

Co-Chairs: Karen Shanor, Ph.D who can be reached at drkarenshanor@gmail.com and Susan Czajkowski, Ph.D who can be reached at czajkows@nhlbi.nih.gov.  

Mission Statement of The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program and Awards

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee is a public education program founded by the American Psychological Association. Our mission is to partner with Washington DC organizations to advocate for and support employee health and well-being. Our committee serves to educate businesses on the importance of psychologically healthy workplaces, as well as inform the community of the organizational benefits and business impacts of creating cultures of well-being. In addition, our committee formally recognizes institutions which are excelling at sustaining psychologically healthy workplaces.

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee is invested in providing education, resources, and recognition based on these defined elements of a psychologically healthy workplace: Employee Involvement, Health and Safety, Employee Growth and Development, Work-Life Balance, and Employee Recognition. 

Co-Chairs: Stephen Bowles, Ph.D, ABPP who can be reached at lifewellbeing@gmail.com and Jade Wood, MA, LMFT who can be reached at jadetwood@aol.com.


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